The premium account is loaded with great benefits for anyone looking for premium file hosting and access services.

The download speeds are incredibly fast, and you get unlimited storage space, which is more than what any other file hosting service offers.

The website itself is also easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to leave the site to make payments for your Premium account.  

What is Katfile? is a top-of-the-shelf cloud hosting and file-sharing website with a global reach. The site can be used for free, but if you want the full range of features, getting a premium subscription is recommended.

With Katfile, you can upload all types of files, including images, videos, and documents, and access them from anywhere in the world. There are no device restrictions, meaning you can access your files from multiple devices, and share them with an even wider audience.

As a file hosting platform, you can use as a storage space for your private data. You can also use it as a file-sharing platform, where you upload files and share access links with your audience. Of course, there are restrictions on the types of files you can upload and shares, with obscenity, violence, and copyrighted content being explicitly banned.

To spruce up the user experience, Katfile includes both a built-in file manager and a download manager. These features help you organize your files, and if you have a premium account, the download manager will essentially be your personal assistant, organizing all your uploads, downloads, and shared files.

katfile premium benefits

Signing Up With Katfile

Getting your Katfile account is a straightforward affair. You only need to provide your e-mail and username, then confirm your password, and your account will be ready.

In line with the site’s stated mission to safeguard and maintain user privacy, you do not need to give your personal details like name or phone number while opening an account. For account registration, you only need to provide your preferred username.

Notably, opening an account is just the first step. You need to purchase a Premium subscription if you intend to enjoy the benefits of the premium tier.

Katfile Premium Membership

Katfile premium offers numerous advantages over the basic program.  These include

  • Unlimited Download Speeds – In the premium version, the site will not limit or throttle your downloads. Your files will download or upload as fast as your network connection allows. In contrast, the free account limits download speeds to 60 kb/s.
  • No Download Delays – Premium account holders don’t experience any delays when downloading files. There are no ads, or minimum interval times – all downloads start immediately. This is unlike the free version, where the numerous ads and a 30-minute interval between downloads.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads – With the advanced file managers, you can download as many files as you wish simultaneously. For the best experience, only do simultaneous downloads when you have a strong connection.
  • Secure Downloads – Katfile uses secure servers, and premium members get to download files securely over HTTPS protocol.
  • Unlimited File Storage Space – You can store as many files as you wish in your premium account. Free account holders only get 1 TB of storage space.
  • Global Download Node – The company has a number of servers strategically positioned on key web traffic exchange points. These ensure that the site retains a 99.9% uptime regardless of time and location.
  • No File Expiry – Files saved in premium accounts do not expire unless you delete them.  In the free account, all files expire after 30 days if you don’t download them at least once.
katfile compare free registered and premium

How Much Does Katfile Cost?

The basic version of is free and all you need to do is register an account. However, the premium version requires a subscription. In this regard, the site gives you four different options. These are as follows:

30 Days60 Days365 DaysLifetime

As you can see, a Katfile premium subscription is relatively cheap. You also have the option of using fiat money or cryptocurrency, with the latter being a great option for privacy-conscious people.

katfile premium plan and payment

Notably, there may be some delays in getting your premium account activated after paying your subscription. This is often caused by delays on the side of the payment processors and a bit of patience is recommended. However, you can contact support for assistance if you feel your profile activation is taking too long.

Katfile Experience and Reviews

Using the Katfile premium is markedly easier and much more convenient compared to the basic version. This is especially so if you wish to share files with others on a constant basis.

The platform has received rave reviews from users, who mostly appreciate the constantly fast upload and download speeds that the premium account offers.

katfile speed

Most people also love the fact that Katfile premium subscription is relatively cheap,  and you have the option of using fiat money or cryptocurrency, with the latter being a great option for privacy-conscious people.

The best part is that you will get to enjoy great customer service. Premium account holders are guaranteed 24/7/365 support from any part of the globe despite the high number of active subscribers.


Katfile is an incredible cloud hosting website and will only soar to greater heights as more and more people realize just how convenient it is.

The premium account, in particular, is simply a bargain. Not only does it offer unlimited downloads, storage, and speeds, but also gives you more advanced options to organize, control and manage your files.

Compared to other hosting services, Katfile is extremely easy to use, and rarely has downtimes, making it the best option to host your everyday files. That being said, you also need to have a fast connection if you wish to have your downloads proceed faster.

The high level of security that the site offers also makes it a worthwhile choice if you’re looking to host and share private and sensitive files.